Big Island Buses

Bus schedule software

  • JavaScript
  • AppCache
  • Node.js
  • IndexedDB
  • Google Maps
  • GTFS

A web app created for bus riders in the Big Island of Hawai’i’. The app was created to offer an alternative the county’s paper-only bus schedules. I built the initial version during my 11th grade in high school, where it won Grade Prize in Congressional App Challenge 2014, Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District.

For my senior project, I redesigned the app and began to work directly with the County of Hawai’i. The app was updated with an enhanced map interface along with server rendering. The program went on to be featured in West Hawaii Today, Hawaii Public Radio, and Hawaii TechWorks.

The app implements the AppCache API to allow it to run offline, and uses the JavaScript geolocation API to locate nearby bus stops and routes for the user. Updates to the UI don’t use a library and are instead hand-coded.

In addition to the app, I worked to manually port all the paper schedules into the standard General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format. This file format is used by Google Maps and other transit systems and allows the schedule data to be consumed by other programs.

I worked to publish the schedule onto Google Maps where it would be more accessible, but due to a lack of interest from the County of Hawai’i, it was never released in the end.

Big Island Buses was fairly popular in Hawai’i when it was first released, and had over a hundred visits each week, despite the limited target audience.

Big Island Buses on different devices