Tiger Oakes

Software Developer with 7 years of experience in functional and object-oriented programming. Proven success creating custom solutions for a variety of businesses.


09/2015 – 04/2020 (expected with co-op)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 3rd Year

University of British Columbia

Work experience

01/2018 - 04/2018 vitalmechanics.com

3D Graphics & Simulation Developer

Vital Mechanics

Simulating skin for visual effects and prototyping clothing

  • Refactoring JavaScript client that interfaces with C++ server.

08/2017 - 12/2017 yelp.com

Software Engineering Intern – Messaging


  • Built Describe Your Project, a feature to make it easier for users to request quotes from home services businesses.
  • Created backend Python package and routes.
  • Implemented UI with React and Redux using functional design.
  • Wrote tree structure to track flows of questions to ask users.

05/2016 – 04/2017 github.com/ubc-farm

Software Developer

Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm

  • Developed custom software with the UBC Work Learn International Undergraduate Research Award.
  • JavaScript program manages data for analyzing growth patterns.
  • Used geometry calculations to let users draw out farm fields.

10/2009 – 08/2015 omlhawaii.com

Web Developer and IT Manager

OML Contracting Co.

Construction company building private resort residences in Hawai’i

  • Designed and developed portfolio to showcase residences.
  • Implemented CSS 3D animations to create GPU accelerated parallax effect.


  • Grand Prize: Congressional App Challenge 2014, Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District
  • UBC Work Learn International Undergraduate Research Award
  • Finalist: UBC e-Portfolio Competition 2017
  • Hardcore Top 3: Yelp Hackathon 24.0 (out of 44)
  • Finalist: nwHacks 2018 (out of 800+)

Extracurricular Projects



Enhancing learning and interactions at museums

  • Finalist, nwHacks 2018 out of 800+ people.
  • Helped write Android app in Java to scan NFC badges on exhibits and patrons.
  • Built server less backend with stdlib.


The Golden Quest

Voice based choose-your-own adventure

  • Built Amazon Alexa skill with Node for nwHacks 2017 Hackathon.
  • Used regular expressions to create custom file format for story.


Pass the Bomb

Online multiplayer word game

  • Selected by Microsft as an outstanding project in UBC Local Hack Day (12-hour hackathon).
  • Developed online multiplayer with Socket.io in Node.js.
  • Oversaw team while writing client portion of the game.

05/2014 - 05/2015

Big Island Buses

Web app to replace Hawai’i paper bus schedules

  • Won Grand Prize in Congressional App Challenge 2014, Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District.
  • Used JavaScript geolocation to find nearby bus stops and routes.
  • Implemented AppCache API to allow the web application to run offline.
  • Worked with the County of Hawai’i to integrate the app with the bus system.

02/2015 – 07/2017


Rope swinging game

  • Built platformer game in C# with Unity.
  • Programmed custom grappling hook and swinging movement using ray-casting.