About me

After growing up with dead zones in Hawaii, I want to make web apps that work offline and load fast. I’ve worked on Progressive Web App support in Microsoft Edge and Firefox for Android, and I’m a maintainer for the Rollup JavaScript bundler. Previously, I worked on web projects for Google Chrome and Yelp.

Some of my side projects have been featured in Washington, DC and outlets such as CSS Tricks, Google Developers, web.dev, the Star-Advertiser and Hawai’i Public Radio. I also speak at conferences like CascadiaJS and JSConf Budapest.

I started programming in secondary school and enjoyed it so much I’m still doing it! In my spare time, I search for geocaches with my partner.

Below is my resume, and I hope you enjoy exploring my site. If you’d like to get in touch or if you have questions about my work, don’t hesitate to contact me.



Tiger Oakes

contact@tigeroakes.com | 253-778-6251 | tigeroakes.com | github.com/NotWoods

Software developer with 10 yrs experience. Built 3 web browsers & hundreds of open source projects.


2021-08 — Present

Microsoft, Edge Software Engineer

  • Caught multiple bugs before deployment by spearheading strict mode TypeScript migration.
  • Taught React and TypeScript concepts to 8 teammates as subject matter expert (SME).
  • Wrote specifications for new Web App Manifest features as member of the World Wide Web Consortium.
2019-05 — 2020-08

Mozilla, Firefox Android Developer Intern & Part-Time Student Worker

  • Built and shipped brand new web browser in Kotlin to over 100,000,000 users on Google Play Store.
  • Served as a feature lead for Progressive Web App support, providing a native feel to thousands of web apps.
  • Added Trusted Web Activity support to Firefox for Android, featured in Chrome Dev Summit 2019 keynote.
  • Established testing infrastructure that improved code coverage by 150% and doubled developer productivity.
2018-05 — 2018-07

Google, Chrome Software Engineering Intern

  • Built internal developer tool used by entire Google Chrome for Android team with JavaScript and Python.
  • Used streams and background threads to handle 180 MB downloads, rendering partial data in under 1 second.
2018-01 — 2018-04

Vital Mechanics, 3D Graphics & Simulation Developer Intern

  • Built TypeScript Electron client that interfaces with C++ server to display 3D simulations with WebGL.
  • Saved future developer time by migrating jQuery MVP to encapsulated React/Redux components.
2017-08 — 2017-12

Yelp, Software Engineer Intern

  • Built new web search page feature in Flow, React, Redux, and Python displayed to 1,000,000 users monthly.
  • Led hackathon team to build new product for in-restaurant experience which was picked up by sales team.
2009-10 — 2015-08

Oakes Management LLC, Web Developer and IT Manager

  • Designed and developed web portfolio, including GPU-accelerated parallax using CSS 3D transformations.


Open Source

  • Built Maskable.app, go-to developer tool recommended by Google & CSS Tricks, used 11,000+ times/month.
  • Implemented icon features for Google Bubblewrap & Microsoft PWABuilder, used 2,000+ times/month.
  • Maintainer for Rollup ES6 module bundler, adding TypeScript typings and compiler support to all plugins.
  • Created Big Island Buses offline web app with County of Hawai’i, won Congressional App Challenge 2014.

Speaking and Writing

  • Speaker at CascadiaJS 2020 and JSConf Budapest 2022 conferences with thousands of attendees.
  • Wrote web development articles for CSS Tricks, MDN, and Google web.dev with thousands of views.
  • Authored guidebook on MockK testing library for Kotlin and Android, with 13,000+ views/month.


TypeScript | JavaScript | React | Kotlin | Java | Android | Python | C# | Node.js | Design | Vector Animation


2015-09 — 2021-05

University of British Columbia, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


  • Finalist: nwHacks 2018 (out of 800+)
  • Hardcore Top 3: Yelp Hackathon 24.0 (out of 44)
  • Grand Prize: Congressional App Challenge 2014, Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District